Refund Policy

In case where you find a lower price for the same package that you booked at Traveltourinfo on any other reputed U.S. based website within 3 hours of booking with Traveltourinfo; you are eligible for claiming refund. We will either refund the difference in the prices or at you request will cancel your current itinerary.

When can a rebate be solicited?

For soliciting a refund, first you will have to provide our customer service representative with all the documents related to the lower price offer. These documents will include, without limitation, departure dates and arrival dates with locations and airline, fare, class, cancellation policy, hotel room, hotel rate and car class. You can either share these documents through email or contact our customer support department. After our customer service representative verifies that both the travel itinerary are exactly same, your request for refund will be processed.

How to contact customer support?

Our customer service representatives are available 24/7/365. You can call anytime and request a refund. Our customer service representatives will guide you through the process.

At the time when you contact our customer service representative for claiming a refund, the lower priced offer on the other web portal must be live and available for booking.

Privacy Policy

Whatever information that you will share with Traveltourinfo, we will protect it. We acknowledge and respect the need to protect your personal and private information that you share with us. We take strict measures to protect all the information that you share with us.

We won't ask you to share your personal information when you are just searching through or visiting our website. However, we will collect information related to your internet to refine your search results but your identity remains hidden. If you make a purchase of any travel itinerary or register with us then we may request certain additional personally identifiable information from you. For the purpose of purchasing any travel itinerary and transactions against your bookings, we accumulate the below mentioned personal information:

Date of Birth
Credit Card Details
Telephone Number

We won't share or use the information that you share with Traveltourinfo. We ensure 100% security. We only share you information with your consent except in the following cases:

  • We will have to share your information with suppliers such as airlines, hotels only for the purpose of bookings and reservations which you have booked from our website.
  • Some of our prime services which include credit card processing, call center services, financial analysis, marketing services and fraud prevention are provided by the third party organizations. To avail these services Traveltourinfo shares your selective information with these companies.
  • We might use your phone number for promotional purposes but we give you an option to opt-out from it if you want.

Other than the above mentioned situations, we will notify you whenever personal data will be used or shared with third parties and will be given an opportunity to choose not to share such information. is not advised for, or carefully targeted at, children 12 years of age or younger. It is not our policy or intention to collect or maintain information about anyone beneath the age of 12. No one beneath age 12 is allowed to provide any personal information or submit data, or become and our member. Minors amid the ages of 12 and 17 have to get the permission of their parent(s) or acknowledged guardian(s) before making purchases.

Visit us at or call our customer support at below mentioned number for further information. We are available to assist you 24/7/365.